More Than a Great Time with Friends

Every time I get together with my friends we always have a good time. Some nights we just get together and put out a whole bunch of different food and we talk for hours. One of our friends always falls asleep because he works a lot of hours every week. He has to work two jobs because his wife doesn’t work and it can be really difficult for him to get ends to meet. Anyways, I looked up an Idle Heroes hack so that I could go and really blow my friends away the next time we were going to play the game. I wanted to have some sort of way to get a better score than they could ever get. I know that it is cheating by using a hack but if I can get one up and over my friends then I will do it, no matter what that means in the video game world.

I tried to get all of my friends over so that we could play more games together but all of my friends have different things going on in their lives, so we get together once a month. I love the times we get together, it always ends in us laughing at one another and having a great time while we enjoy one another. The one night a month we get together, we literally put everyone and everything aside and we all enjoy the good times that we always have with each other. I know that once we say goodbye, we will not speak for about a week after because we feel fulfilled. I think that it’s really funny how we talk more right before we get in one room, that shows that we are happy and joyous and that is good, even for just a few weeks every month.

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