An Apartment for Me and My Cats

I was not happy with the apartments I had looked at in person, so I decided to go online to see if I could look at some more Parkville MO apartments. I had only looked at the ones that were close to my parents’ home, which is where I had been staying for the last few months. I wanted to get my own place though, and I knew that they understood that too. I was not going to settle for a place though. I wanted to find an apartment that I was 100 percent happy with.

One of the things I wanted was more than one bathroom, but all the ones I had looked at had only one bathroom for the one bedroom units. I did not want to have to upgrade to two bedrooms, and I knew I would not have to do that when I looked at the Links at Parkville website. It is only about six minutes from where I work, which is a nice bonus, and it has everything I could possibly want in an apartment, including two bathrooms with just one bedroom. I looked at the floor plans and knew that it was perfect for me.

The only reason it was perfect, other than the obvious, is because I am allowed to have my two cats here with me. There is no way I could move anywhere without them, and the Links at Parkville complex allows both cats and dogs. I might get a dog one day, but right now, two cats is all I can handle. I was able to fill out an application online to move in, and I have been living here for about three months now. It really is the perfect place for me, and I am 100 percent happy with my choice.

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