Putting the Building Through Everything

It's amazing how far technology has come since the birth of the first computer. My company was making a building and we used computer software to generate a model of the building before construction even began. We needed to test the building for different kinds of environmental factors, like wind, rain, and earthquakes. These things can really take a building down if the building isn't made to handle it structurally. To do the tests, we did a Sap2000 download because the program could make those factors and test them against the 3D model.

The tests showed my company that we had to make some changes to the designs to withstand the factors. The building need a bit more wind resistance, and the foundation needed to be enhanced for ground shakes. The improvements could be made without increasing the cost of the building too much. Design is part of what it takes to make a strong building. The materials that make up the building are just as important. Some materials are stronger than others and will cost more, but it's worth it to have these items if you want to make a building that withstand anything.

Construction of the building began a few weeks after the final tests were done. We made sure that there was nothing else to address. Once you start building a structure, it's harder to alter it without making some drastic changes. After we started work on that building, we began working on another building for a client. This client wanted to have a building that was a little bit different from the normal ones that are seen around the city. He wanted something with a bit more of an artistic look, something abstract that would make people turn their heads and stare at it for a long time.