Getting Customer Leads in This Competitive Internet Age

I remember getting started in business years ago where I would buy mailing lists to get leads to sell my products. I got into the mail order business before anyone ever heard of the Internet. I put together a catalog of the unique niche products that I sold. Then I would buy printed mailing lists and actually hand write envelopes to mail out catalogs. Now my business is all conducted from a website, and I use a company that provides lead generation in Brisbane to get more customers.

I have a certain percentage of customers that discover my business by using a search engine. I get some business from ads on social media and other websites too. I also get a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. The lead generation in Brisbane helps me to perpetually grow my customer base in these competitive times. The products I sell are niche products. Years ago I was the only one you could find that had such a collection of niche products all in one catalog. Now you can find anything by doing a search online. I keep growing my business by making sure that my company is the one you contact when you want any of our specialized products.

I like the company I use that provides lead generation in Brisbane as they know the demographic I am after, and they produce leads that yield a high percentage of actual sales. The old printed mailing lists of customers were supposed to be separated by specific demographics, but it never really turned out that way. Some lists would produce a lot of sales while others were a bust. I like it that I have a company in Brisbane that really targets leads that produce sales for me. This cuts down on wasting time and makes their service all that much more valuable to me.