Monthly Archives: May 2017

When I had to hack Instagram for a friend, I marveled at how many people still don't take their security seriously. How many stories have we all read or heard about over the years about so and so getting hacked? About some big company getting hacked? Or even more hilariously, some big tech company getting hacked? It's always someone who steals reams of personal information like passwords, emails, and other associated material that causes lots of problems for everyone involved. How hard is to come up with decent security systems? What chance do any of us have if the big guys have problem?

Actually, I used a tool I found online to crack my friend's girlfriend's Instagram account because she hid some of it and he wanted to know what she was doing. He thought she was cheating on him again. She wasn't, but I was able to get into her account easily enough because her password was so basic that it was laughable. ...continue reading