They Both Loved Their New Shirts

My two daughters love watching Sailor Moon. It is not a show that I know much about, but I know that the two of them as well as their friends like everything about it. I decided to go online to see if I could find a Pink Sailor Moon shirt that I thought they would like. They never ask for anything, and I thought that it would be a nice and unexpected surprise for the two of them. It did not take me long to find the shop that I wanted to use after doing a very basic search for the type of shirts that I wanted.

I was able to find a really cool shirt that I thought they would like, and the best part is that there were different ones so I did not have to get them the same one. They had a blue one as well as a pink one in the one that I wanted, but that was just the beginning. This site had so many different Sailor Moon items, and I knew that I would end up getting them both a few different items.

I started looking through the website and was really surprised at the wide variety of items that they have there. I ended up getting them a couple of Pokemon shirts too, and then I got them Hello Kitty earbuds. I wish I could have bought more for them on that first trip, but I knew that I would end up going back there and getting them items for their birthdays and Christmas, as well as just random gifts like this first visit. I was able to get free shipping because of the size of my order, and the girls absolutely loved everything that I got for them. Their smiles made it all worth it!