Just when You Think the Internet Can Not Get Stranger

I was surprised that there was anything on the web that surprised me, but the other day it happened in a pretty big way. I was looking for reviews of something else, a kitchen appliance and instead I ran into something that said Pink Privates reviews. I did not know what it meant and I was confused when I read the blurb, because apparently this is something that is supposed to be used for something they call intimate bleaching. That means they are going to give you something to bleach parts of the body that most people do not go around showing to the general public. They have stuff to bleach male and female genitalia and for the underarms and the anus. Of course I can not even look at my anus without a mirror and I really do not have much clue whether it is discolored in a way that should concern me.

The web page calls these things a topical whitening product which they say is capable of helping to improve the appearance of skin discolorations through whitening the surrounding skin tone. Of course I do not really grasp the concept. For example they make these creams for the whitening of the vagina and the penis. I am going to be really wary of rubbing stuff on my private parts, even if I somehow thought that there was a discoloration in the skin tones. It just seems way too strange for me to consider. In fact I never really even thought very much about the coloration around anuses. They really do not interest me very much, I have one and it has a very necessary function. I would die if it did not work right. I am pretty sure mine is exactly the color that it needs to be.