Aftermath of the Powerful Storm

A really bad storm came through the Sunshine Coast area a few weeks ago. Many homes were damaged and roof restoration for Sunshine Coast homes needed to be done. I was hoping that the storm wouldn't cause any damage to my home, but unfortunately I wasn't that lucky. The storm damaged my roof, a couple of my windows, and even caused my shed to cave in. I was glad that I wasn't injured, but my property was still in need of repairs. A local company had been getting a lot of calls for repairs since the storm, so I decided to give them a try.

Although the company was getting a lot of business, they were able to open a spot for me to have some repairs done. In the mean time, I called a company to have the windows replaced. There wasn't much I could really do about the shed aside from get a new one, or attempt to restore it. The walls of the shed were made of metal, and when the roof of it caved in, the metal walls bended outward. Bending them back in shape would have been impossible for me to do on my own. I would have also needed to add more support for the joints and pretty much make a new roof for it, so I just decided to get a new shed.

Later in the week, the roof repair company came and started working. At the same time, I was working on the new shed. I had made some plans and cut some pieces of metal and wood to build it. The foundation from the old shed was still intact, so I continued to use it for the new one. By the time the roofing company was done with their work, I was still working on the shed.