Makes the Band Look So Professional

Hiring professionals to make an artist banner for our rock band really made a difference in our live performances. Six months ago we were playing local gigs and we had to use a homemade banner for the show and it really looked like amateur hour. Nothing could be done about it because we were just starting out and almost no money for anything other than gas and keeping our instruments fine tuned. Once we started to do more shows, however, the money started to come in. It was a slow process at first, but pretty soon we realized we had some bucks to throw around.

I was the one who suggested replacing the banner with something better. For one thing, it needed to be a lot bigger as we started playing bigger places. You couldn't hardly see the one we were using from the back of the room. Everyone agreed that we needed to do something in this area, and they put me in charge of it. Find something cool was the only instructions I got from everyone else! So I went online, of course, to see what I could find. Surely someone online was making these things and selling them.

The answer to that question was yes. I found a great company that strives for excellence in making artist banners. They worked closely with me to get the banner just right. It wasn't just the graphics on the banner, but the text and the color. The size too. Everything seemed to come together just perfectly. When we got the banner in the mail everyone ogled over it. It really did look beautiful. The first time we unfurled it onstage the crowd went nuts, so I think I made a good choice. We're hoping to get a lot of use out this banner at our future shows.