Getting My Hollywood Smile in Long Beach, California

I kind of joked with my wife that I was not allowed to live in California unless I got my teeth fixed. We moved out west a couple of years ago, and I lost some teeth due to genetics and diabetes. I really wanted my smile fixed, so we saved and budgeted for restorative work to be done to bring it back to how it was before I lost the teeth. I searched for a reliable professional who does cosmetic dentistry Long Beach CA to do the work. You do need to be picky about the dental specialist you choose as it is part science and part artistry to fix a smile.

There are the hard facts of dental science, then there is the artistry of working with the individual mouth. I wanted my teeth to be very white, but to also be naturally sized and positioned. I never liked the blocky look some people end up with when they get dental work done. Teeth are not all perfectly even. Their shapes give a three-dimensional look to your smile. Dentures look like a block carved to look like teeth. I wanted my prominent incisors to be restored as well as the shape of the rest of my teeth that could be seen in pictures back when I was in college. In other words, I wanted my dental makeover to look like my teeth did when I was in my prime. I did not want a makeover that gave me some fake look to my smile.

I found a place that does cosmetic dentistry in Long Beach CA that had a portfolio of great before and after pictures of clients they have served. It was nice to find a dental professional that was the necessary scientist, engineer and artist that you need when you have teeth that need restoration work done. My smile is perfect again, and I am very happy with the results.