I Just Got My Business Started

It is a big thing for me and I have really gotten a lot on the line, basically all of the stuff that I have. The bank was not all that eager to go along and when they finally did they sent me to see a Jacksonville insurance broker. Of course this was something that I did not really understand to start with, but I grasped it once I really thought about it. They did not want me to get insurance for me, but instead they wanted to make sure that I did not drop dead and leave them on the hook for the money that I owed them. It is pretty simple when you really think about it. They want to be sure that they get the money back, whether or not you are alive to repay the debt. It is not really that sentimental of a thing for them, they just want to get back every penny with interest.

At any rate the big thing is to get the trucks that I need. I need two heavy duty pick up trucks with fifth wheel trailer hitches and a three axle box truck. Of course we have to get an excavator, but we have already taken care of that. It is a used machine, but it is going to work out just fine and right now it is the best deal that we can get. I already have a small bull dozer and it is going to have to be replaced, but for now it is going to have to keep running as long as we can maintain it. There is always going to be other stuff, but once we have all of that we are going to be able to get started on the jobs that we already have contracted.