Monthly Archives: March 2017

Of course my uncle was laid off a few months ago, but he landed on his feet. He is doing the same thing as before, hvac installation in NYC and he has started to take on bigger jobs. His youngest son was helping him out, but he decided that he was going to go to college at Binghamton. That was the smart thing for him, because they gave him a scholarship. I have been trying to learn the work, which is pretty complicated when you think about it. There is a lot of moving parts in one of these system, which is what they call the mechanical systems in a house. Of course the system have to be wired up and you have to know enough about electricity to do this without starting a fire. Then you have to get the hot and cold air to where it is needed, so you have to figure out how to run the duct work. ...continue reading

One of my clients recently told me that they were experiencing difficulties with pests in their home. When I pressed them for more information, they told me that they believed they had bed bugs throughout the house. I immediately jumped into action and began looking for a bed bug exterminator in NYC. My goal was to find them someone who would be able to come out immediately and deal with the issue. When it comes to feeling safe and secure in your home, having to deal with pests like these really make you feel uneasy.

I found a company online immediately. When I started browsing the website, I had the goal in mind of finding someone that was flexible enough to come to their home as soon as possible. ...continue reading

It is a big thing for me and I have really gotten a lot on the line, basically all of the stuff that I have. The bank was not all that eager to go along and when they finally did they sent me to see a Jacksonville insurance broker. Of course this was something that I did not really understand to start with, but I grasped it once I really thought about it. They did not want me to get insurance for me, but instead they wanted to make sure that I did not drop dead and leave them on the hook for the money that I owed them. It is pretty simple when you really think about it. ...continue reading