Monthly Archives: February 2017

When my fiance and I decided to move the date of our wedding up to next month instead of waiting until next year, we both knew that it was the right move. I have no idea why we set such a long engagement in the first place when all either of us wanted was to be married and get started on our lives together. Since we only had a few weeks to get everything together, I knew that I had to start looking at apartments in Taylorsville UT while he took care of some of the other things.

We had decided long ago that we were not going to live together until we were married. It seems to be the trend nowadays for people to just live together and not even get married, but neither one of us wanted to go that route. I already knew that I wanted to try and find an apartment for us at the Autumn Glen apartment complex. I have a few friends who live there, and their apartments are really nice. ...continue reading

I was not happy with the apartments I had looked at in person, so I decided to go online to see if I could look at some more Parkville MO apartments. I had only looked at the ones that were close to my parents' home, which is where I had been staying for the last few months. I wanted to get my own place though, and I knew that they understood that too. I was not going to settle for a place though. I wanted to find an apartment that I was 100 percent happy with.

One of the things I wanted was more than one bathroom, but all the ones I had looked at had only one bathroom for the one bedroom units. I did not want to have to upgrade to two bedrooms, and I knew I would not have to do that when I looked at the Links at Parkville website. ...continue reading