Monthly Archives: January 2017

Though I live in a state where I am not required to give a paper pay stub, I still choose to do that for a couple of different reasons. The first is because I am old school, and the contractors and subcontractors I hire are usually the same way. We grew up getting pay stubs with our checks, and that is how most of us want to continue to have this handled. It is easy for me because of the paystub generator that I found online. I already knew the rules for what needs to be on one, because I have been getting pay stubs for the better part of 30 years now.

I am not the type to just get a pay stub and throw it in a filing cabinet either. I have studied every single pay stub i have ever received to make sure all of the information on it is accurate. I know what taxes need to be paid, how to handle sick days or vacation time, and even deductions for things like pay advances. ...continue reading

I have a friend who is a big guy. He is tall and has a bone structure that allows him to have massive muscles. He is a bodybuilder who is now competing. I asked him what it was like. He told me the weird stuff they do to look better on stage in front of the judges. I was thinking of the comparisons between a female beauty contest and what he goes through in competitions for his bodybuilding. He said he has undergone CO2 fractional laser depilatory treatments to remove all the hair from his body except for his head. Yes, he even has had sensitive areas treated. He said the small piece of clothing bodybuilders wear on stage is way to revealing, but is necessary for the judges to see leg and glute definition. He said, in a humorous way, how you do not want any stray hair follicles ruining what the judges are seeing. ...continue reading