Living in the Luxury Loft

When I first saw the super luxury Canton Lofts, I was blown away. The lofts looked like something that you would only see in a television show or a movie. They were so fancy that I initially didn't want to live in them. I thought that I couldn't afford to pay for the lofts. Little did I know that the lofts were actually being offered for a reasonable price. With the pricing being at one of the lowest rates that I had ever seen for a loft of its caliber, I decided that it was time for me to move out of my parents house and into them.

My parents helped me pack my things and get them into the loft. My dad had a bad back, so he didn't do a lot of lifting. I brought some tools to make the moving job a little bit easier. We wheeled all kinds of boxes onto the elevator and transported them to the loft. Once my parents and I were done, they drove home and took a nice long nap. I think my mom gave my dad a back massage for all of the hard work he had done that day.

I spent the rest of the day unpacking everything that I placed into the boxes. I put newspaper on the fragile items so they wouldn't break while I was driving to the loft. Taking the paper off was like unwrapping a birthday present. I had to put everything in the cabinets and drawers and throw away the rest of the paper. Once all of that was set up, I put my furniture into place and made my bed. It was like the first time I moved into my college dorm. I've met so many people since that day that I love being here.